Safety is often the most important concern when operating material handling equipment. An inspection verifies that the equipment is operating in the manner it is needed. The importance of qualified technicians to perform these inspections is necessary because of the constant changing of industry standards, safety requirements and safety features on your material handling equipment. Our technicians are continuously being trained on the latest upgrades and safety features. We also will work with your company to find the most cost effective way to complete these inspections. By combining multiple locations during the initial service call, we can reduce overall travel and inspections costs.    

Our company is the only independent Ingersoll Rand™ certified service center qualified to inspect and repair Manrider™ and dedicated Manrider™ winches. We provide Ingersoll Rands™ Encompass inspection and re-certification program for your FA150 and LS150 manriding winches and will work directly with you on the safest and most effective way to keep your equipment up to industry standards.

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