Industrial Air Tool was formed in 1966 to repair pneumatic tools for the oil and chemical refining industries. From repairing tools to sales, Industrial Air Tool has continued to adapt to meet our customers’ needs. Today we are an industrial distributor carrying over 20,000 different items in inventory and representing over 700 manufacturers products.

Industrial Air Tool is proud to be a member of Affiliated Distributors (A-D), North America’s largest distributor buying group.  A-D is made up of three divisions; Industrial Supply, Industrial Pipe Valves and Fittings, and Electric Supply.  A-D is comprised of financially strong, industry leading distributors focused on customer service, quality products, local technical support and local inventory support.  A-D’s strong relationship with its suppliers translates into a highly competitive and cohesive group, which can add value to your supply chain. Industrial Air Tool is a long-term member of the Industrial Distribution Association.  IDA provides exposure to, explanation of, and education on new trends and techniques to employ in industrial distribution.  These activities keep Industrial Air Tool at the forefront of the techniques and technology for reducing the total cost of procurement for our customers.  Our efficiency is your gain!


Industrial Air Tool is Proud to be a part of Industrial Supply Association (ISA), As the leading association for the maintenance, repair, operations and production (MROP) supply channel, ISA brings together manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers’ reps and service providers in an environment that allows for a free flow of communication to help them better service the needs of their end-user customer.

Industrial Air Tool is proud to be a part of Handy Hardware Wholesale Inc. Handy Hardware is one of six dealer-owned hardware buying groups in the U.S., 100% dealer owned since their inception in 1961. From a simple concept, proposed as early as 1954, came the shape of things to come – a group of independent retailers who would be capable of taking their purchasing into their own hands, and give themselves options. Originally founded by 13 independent Houston area hardware retailers, some of whom are still in business today.



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